Motherfuckers discography

"If It Ain't Puke, It Ain't Punk" - 6 song CD EP
Released 2001

Released in very limited quantities sometime in 2001
I think we did somewhere between 150 and 250, all on very low quality CDR.
The Motherfuckers line-up at this time was a 5-piece, with Andrew McColl on bass, and Hunter and Scott Belton both playing guitar.
Scott Belton left the band before the disc was released, and Andrew shortly after.
The EP resurfaced in 2006 as an even-more limited bootleg.
All six tracks were re-mastered and re-released on "The Mother of All Fuckers" in 2007

Track Listing:
1. Pissed in the Pit
2. Rock Bottom
3. Apathy & Boredom
4. Ode To Beer
5. Anarchy In The Girls' Room
6. Somethin' Else

"Classless Society" - 10 song CD
Released 2004

The Motherfuckers at their best!
Recorded as a 5-piece with Rich Williams (RIP) on lead guitar and Jay Misery on bass.
500 pressed, and almost all of them are gone. Still available from interpunk, and in digital form on iTunes.

Track Listing:
1. Classless Society
2. God Pissed in my Beer
3. She's the Only One
4. Nervous Wreck
5. Punk Like Skabby
6. Ordinary People
7. Enduring Freedom
8. Old No. 7
9. Pass By Me
10. What About My Needs?

"The Mother of All Fuckers" - 18 song CD
Released 2007

In November 2005, a four-piece Motherfuckers with Rich "El Roach-o" Williams on guitar and Sean Hunter on bass recorded 7 songs. Some new, some ancient tracks that were never recorded (including the much-requested "E.M.O". and "Jerk-Around Queen")
Various fuck-ups and band turmoil kept us from doing anything with them. After Roach's untimely death in 2006, we brought original Motherfucker Roger Nilson back in on bass, and went back into the studio to record 4 new tracks, including "Lost", a tune Roach had written, which Hunter later wrote lyrics for, as well as two brand-new tracks written with Roger ("Too Dumb to Live" and "Just Punk Rock").
Casey Lewis did his best to re-master the six songs from the original "If it Ain't Puke... " EP, and I stuck it all together and called it an album.
With the exception of Jay Misery, who was unable to make it into the studio for either of the sessions, everyone who was ever in the band appears on this album.

Track Listing:
1. Too Dumb To Live
2. Lost
3. Mama Tried
4. Just Punk Rock
5. E.M.O.
6. Jerk-Around Queen
7. I'm Gonna Go Postal
8. Bomb the Stampede
9. Suicide
10. Designated Drinker
11. Let's Talk About Turkey
12. Winner's circle
13. Pissed in the Pit
14. Rock Bottom
15. Apathy & Boredom
16. Ode to Beer
17. Anarchy in the Girls' Room
18. Somethin' Else

"I Wanna Be A Cop... So I Can Fuck You Up!" 6 song 7-inch (HANDSOME-005)
Released June 2008

In January 2008 the newly revamped (but already crumbling) 4-piece Motherfuckers line-up, with Rowdy Roger on bass, went into Sundae Sound and recorded 10 songs. These are six of them.

Track Listing:
1. I Wanna Be A Cop... So I Can Fuck You Up!
2. Living In Fear
3. Fish Fucking
4. Can't Slow Down
5. Kill My Boss
6. Get Off The Stage

"Relentless" 15 song LP (HANDSOME-016)
Released May 2014

After five years of apathy, the Motherfuckers are back with a brand new lineup and 15 hot new tracks!

Track Listing:
1. Relentless
2. Once a Pig, Always a Pig
3. Old Enough to Know Better
4. Punk Rock Group Therapy
5. Never Alone
6. Southern Alberta Terror Spree
7. Start Your Own Band
8. Can't Relate
9. True Love
10. Road Crew
11. Get Your Damn Kids off my Lawn
12. Water Monopoly
13. Heartburn
14. Claustrophobic Nightmare
15. Drink 'Til Dawn